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Michael Murphy Discusses The Benefits of Consciously Designed Buildings

 - Dec 31, 2011
References: treehugger & youtu.be
Michael Murphy, the CEO and president of MASS Design Group, explores the differences between spaces that induce illness and ones that heal us. He explains how hospitals are meant to be healing environments but end up making us sicker because of poor designs.

Spaces are not always designed to deal with disease and Murphy encourages us to begin thinking about designing buildings that heal. He examines building examples in Africa that were not designed to deal with disease. The designer explains a process he calls 'ultimate air mixing.' This process features hospitals without hallways, leading patients to the outer shell of a building and allowing for natural ventilation.

Murphy asks us to consider how buildings improve lives during the construction process. Designers should aim to isolate and highlight the beauty of local materials to not only improve a building's functions, but also to improve the economies of communities. He urges designers to create sustainable work that responds to local environments and climates.