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Neri Oxman Discusses How Nature Defines the Purpose of Design

 - Dec 30, 2011
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Architect Neri Oxman discusses the importance of creating and designing in her speech. She explores what makes a design successful by asking if there is value in form or function. Oxman questions how we test, validate and ultimately determine the success of certain forms, stating that they should be second nature.

The architect and founder of MATERIALECOLOGY, a design initiative that fuses technological advances with nature, proposes a new design approach that is inspired with nature. Oxman names the 'form finders' including Buckminster Fuller as her heroes and investigates how nature defines its own purpose.

She explains that design should not be based on what an object wants to be but on what a material or environment wants to be. The architect believes that a hands-off approach to design encourages a natural way of making things, resulting in more sustainable design solutions.