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Nathan Myhrvold Explains the Science Behind Food

 - Dec 29, 2011
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Chef, author and self-proclaimed Jack of all trades, Nathan Myhrvold discusses a new way of looking at food and cooking. His book 'Modernist Cuisine' puts emphasis on the science behind different dishes with amazing cross-sections of food while it is being cooked.

Myhryvold talks about re-imagining food. The way the world envisions food, writes about food and learns about food is determined by works, books and ideas that already exist. Science is closely related to food but the two are rarely addressed together. New cooking approaches and techniques are addressing the importance of the chemistry and physics associated with cooking.

The author's detailed book aims to show people a new side of food, presenting it in a way never seen before. Impressive cross-sections explain what happens when food is being cooked, steaming or canned. The detailed depictions go as far as explaining key ideas relating to various kinds of dishes through the use of charts, graphs and detailed notes. Nathan Myhryvold urges chefs to use the same care and techniques on all food, stating that all food is equally complex and that no one dishes takes precedence over another.