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Jacek Utko Shares His Designs That Rescued Poland's Newspaper Industry

 - Dec 27, 2011
References: utko & youtu.be
Jacek Utko is a Polish designer who is transforming the newspaper industry in Poland. He has been hired to re-design a variety of different newspapers in Eastern Europe and his speech highlights some of his greatest breakthroughs. Jacek Utko argues that while there is no practical reason for newspapers to still be in circulation, a unique and fresh design can buy print some much needed time. Jacek Utko describes his newspaper designs, which boast attractive infographics, bold images and original type, as providing an experience for readers. His secret to increasing the sales of a variety of Eastern European newspapers is to treat each issue as individual product, similar to the way a musician would approach a composition. Jacek Utko stresses the importance of providing readers not only the latest in headlines, but also a memorable and engaging experience.