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Yang Lan Talks About How Social Media is Transforming the Country

 - Dec 28, 2011
References: ted
Journalist Yang Lan appeared in the first show on Chinese prime-time television that allowed for its host to express their own opinions freely without reading an approved script. This being the case, Lan gives some interesting insight into how she believes the next generation of Chinese citizens will shape the future of the country and the world through the use of social media. She talks about how social media is giving Chinese youth a new outlet to express their mistrust in their own government and is providing them with a voice to fight against injustice.

Lan delves further into her research to show that based on social media trends, social justice and government accountability are what Chinese youth care about most. Outcries from the Internet have now caused the government to respond quicker and with more frequency to environmental, food-related and social issues of public concern. This interesting and politically charged keynote by Yang Lan gives an optimistic look into how the youth of today will shape the future of China tomorrow.