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Thomas Suarez Talks About the Future of App Development

 - Dec 25, 2011
References: ted
Thomas Suarez, a 12-year-old app developer and creator of the highly popular iPhone whack-a-mole type game 'Bustin Jeiber,' demonstrates that an individual is never too young to become an entrepreneur. His keynote reflects on his experiences working in the video game development industry. He encourages his audience to think differently about youth and their capabilities, as most students are better versed in today’s technology than their educators. Thomas also expresses the importance of creating more educational outlets for young people to be able to acquire the skills involved in app development, as he sees the demand for this type of education amongst his demographic. By changing the way in which we perceive younger generations, Thomas Suarez teaches that we will then be able to tap into a valuable, but largely unused, resource.