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Roger McNamee Predicts Changes in the Next Major Internet Shift

 - Dec 24, 2011
References: elevation & blog.ted
During his ‘Six Ways to Save the Internet’ speech, Roger McNamee presents research that illustrates six key steps for businesses to take notice of when looking to get a jump on the next Internet shift. The Internet is always changing and in his presentation, Roger McNamee illustrates his research-based hypothesis to predict where this exciting medium will take us in the future. One of McNamee’s key points focuses on increasing customer engagement in an online domain where everything is app-based; this would create product demand and satisfy it in the same place. In his engaging ‘Six Ways to Save the Internet’ speech, McNamme provides the audience with information they can use in their own respective industries to help grow their businesses, such as why commercial organizations should be embedding social media platforms into its online representations. Presented in an informative yet entertaining approach, Roger McNamee’s ‘Six Way to Save the Internet’ speech offers insight into the ever-changing world of the Internet and what the audience can do to prepare their businesses for the next major shift.