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Kay Jamison Tells Why Not to Glorify Mental Disorders

 - Feb 3, 2012
References: hopkinsmedicine.org & youtube
In this interesting video talk with American clinical psychologist and author Kay Jamison, she discusses how strong the link between artistic ability and mental illness really is, and shows that it is possible for those to receive treatment for mental disorders without having to compromise one’s creativity.

She explains that for thousands of years, certain depressed mental states have been co-related with producing particular types of geniuses and artists, and that modern research also supports these findings. However, she stresses that we cannot romanticize mental illness because often, the people living with it do suffer a great deal. She shows that even some of history’s most famous artist wanted to be treated for their mental illness. In this intriguing conversation, Kay Jamison reveals that although people living with mental illness are capable of think in abstract ways, that it is still important that they receive medical treatment to live a better quality life.