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Torbjörn Possne Outlines Skills Needed in Sales and Marketing Care

 - Feb 9, 2012
References: ericsson & youtube
The head of Sales and Marketing for Ericsson Torbjörn Possne talks about how important the position is to companies. He explains that to work in this field, one needs to be a good problem solver. At Ericsson for example, in order for one to be successful in this position they need to know how to best solve the problems of customers.

Possne shows that if one can personally meet with a customer, have empathy for their situation and be able to solve it as well, then they would probably do well in this position of commercial problem solving. In this insightful conversation, Torbjörn Possne takes his viewers deep into the world of Sales and Marketing and gives them tips for how to work more effectively in this position.