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Michael Ellsberg Discusses the Social Importance of a "Soft Gaze"

 - Mar 27, 2012
References: ellsberg & youtu.be
American author and journalist Michael Ellsberg discusses the underestimated relevance of proper eye contact in interpersonal communication in this brief yet informative talk. In addition to 'The Power of Eye Contact,' which was published in 2010, Michael Ellsberg recently released 'The Education of Millionaires,' in which he interviewed millionaires and billionaires without formal degrees.

In this clip, Ellsberg says that the right kind of eye contact is as important as having a solid handshake and posture in terms of first impressions, and stresses that adopting a "soft gaze" is ideal. A "soft gaze" is not too aggressive or too weak. It is a term that describes when your face is not in full focus and both parties take turns looking away.