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The Bill Roedy speech on the power of media to save lives centers around the HIV epidemic. The... Need Inspiration?

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Bill Roedy's HIV Talk Focuses on the Influence of Media Like MTV to Save Lives

In his HIV talk, Bill Roedy discusses how media can save lives. The former chairman and chief executive at MTV posits television can save more lives than medicine.

The Staying Alive Foundation founder realized when he was at MTV there was a powerful connection to young people through not so serious programming. Due to this connection and wide distribution, they were able to create the largest HIV campaign in the world. The HIV talk emphasizes the need to take risks (but not when it comes to unprotected sex) if you want to create change. The campaign consisted of many elements, but included the Staying Alive documentary, hard-hitting advertisements and a scripted drama on MTV Africa.

Through celebrity connections and world leaders, young people were educated and also given a voice. Shuga (Swahili for Sugar Daddy) continues to run in different African countries to share a message of protection and reduce stigma.