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Andrea Tone's Sexual Education Keynote Speech is Enlightening

 - Oct 31, 2012
References: mcgill & youtube
The Andrea Tone sexual education keynote raises great points about awareness of S.T.I's and the need for better education when it comes to contraceptives. Tone discusses a history of contraceptives in her speech and she hopes that everyone from politicians to regular citizens believe that emergency contraceptives and antibiotics are nothing short of a miracle, and that they should be supported.

Her brief history on contraceptives shows an audience that there has and will always be a desire to separate sex from procreation. She said that when the pill emerged it was truly the first time the birth control became feminized and medicalized. She says that the pill is what launched the era of the lifestyle drug. She believes that it was revolutionary, because it empowered women to make their own choices over their bodies and their lifestyle.

She acknowledges that although the pill is revolutionary in so many ways, young women now are relying solely on the pill and forgetting to also use condoms. This poses a lot of health problems, because of the S.T.I's that people are exposed to. Tone believes that a media outreach campaign that was focused on educating people about safe sex and contraceptives, would be incredibly beneficial and help for this lifestyle revolution long term.