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This Empowering Speech by Mteto Maphoyi Shows What Listening can Do

 - Apr 12, 2013
References: youtube
In this empowering speech by Mteto Maphoyi, he emotionally discusses how he was able to get through the troublesome and heart-wrenching experiences of his childhood in South Africa because of his love for music.

The struggles that Maphoyi experienced throughout his youth, such as having several of his family members die at young ages and his mother being diagnosed with HIV, would eventually turn around because of his commitment to valuing things he still had. Having been involved in gangs and losing so many important people in his life, Maphoyi vowed to make use of things he did have left, which happened to be his singing voice.

Maphoyi used the power of music to move beyond all the violence and negativity that was happening around him, to bring something positive and uplifting to the community.