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This Stefon Harris keynote Discusses the Benefits of Accepting Offers

 - May 5, 2012
References: ted & youtube
This Stefon Harris keynote is a creative demonstration on the necessity of listening and accepting ideas in order to allow creativity to grow and result in fantastic collaborations. While the renown jazz musician is using music to describe his idea, the concept of listening and responding to ideas has universal relevancy for a variety of different professions.

In regards to making a mistake, Stefon Harris says, "every mistake is an opportunity in jazz." Rather than being hung up on the idea of a mistake, to progress further, one must refrain from micro-managing and insist upon accepting offers.

Listening to what's going on, allowing creativity and building off your teams ideas are concepts that ensure success not only in jazz but in so many facets of life that it is becoming a comprehensive approach towards personal relations and business practices.