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Chris Marienetti Describes How Music Brings People Together

 - Dec 31, 2011
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Chris Marianetti, a classically trained musician, composer and founder of Found Sound Nation speaks about people's interaction with music. Marianetti tells a compelling story about bringing his recording studio into an inner city Bronx school.

Students' initial interaction with music inspired the musician to record an album in collaboration with his pupils. After working creatively with his students, Marianetti invited young musical experts to contribute to the school children's work resulting in an album that explores a variety of genres including jazz, classical and hip-hop. The dynamic collaboration has gained attention from New York's Broadway crowd, leading to visits from famed stage stars.

Today, Chris Marianetti's organization Found Sound Nation creates collaborations around the globe aiming to bring people of all ages, backgrounds and musical tastes together through the art of making music.