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Jeff Chang Discusses the Cultural Impact of Music and Lifestyle Trends

 - Apr 11, 2012
References: cantstopwontstop & youtube
Jeff Chang's highly respected academic standing and street-savvy mind set earned him The American Book Award and acknowledgement as USA Ford Fellow in Literature by United States Artists. Referencing his book
'Can't Stop Won't Stop,' Chang outlines the effect of hip hop on 25 years of American politics and social history.

The revolutionizing power of hip hop is undeniable, the effects of which can be seen in all aspects of society. The genre as music and lifestyle transfixed the views of multiracial youth, allowing for rhetorically aware young thinkers. More seriously, the emergence and popularization of hip hop drastically changed the image of race in the media. The issues of race relations, student activism and politics are hugely inspired by hip hop culture.