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Clifton Leaf Discusses the Miscommunications of the Media

 - Mar 11, 2012
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Clifton Leaf is executive editor at Fortune Magazine and the author of the 2004 article 'Why We’re Losing the War on Cancer (And How to Win It),' which won the NIHCM’s journalism award. In this enthralling keynote address, Leaf discusses key themes from his award-winning article, speaking on the nature of cancer and the fallacies around the progress of researchers studying the disease.

Clifton Leaf argues that anything we say, can in fact be said in a simplified way and that the media has a tendency to add complications to already complex issues. In considering the burden of cancer, Leaf says the definition lies in the approximate measurements of the financial, emotional or social impact that the disease creates within the population. The burden of cancer is the cost of the disease. When considering the action to reduce the burden of cancer, it is better to simplify the answer.