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Paul Lewis Discusses the Power that New Media Has on the News

 - Dec 26, 2011
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Reporter Paul Lewis talks about the power of social media and cell phone videos, putting emphasis on the importance of these innovations and their impact on our society. He states that these tools give every person the ability to play the role of a potential journalist.

Lewis discusses the often misleading official version of the news that can omit key information and embellish facts. A new and more collaborative journalism is underway with people's involvement in the world around them. Paul Lewis urges the media to accept that they may not know everything. He encourages them to allow people to be their eyes and ears through technology.

The reported calls this an empowering process where ordinary people gain the ability to aid large corporations. He retells two stories in which two deaths were dishonestly portrayed by official media sources. His ultimate lesson proves how modern technology and social media helped to find the truth about what happened in both cases.

Whether using social media sites like Twitter or cellphone videos, Paul Lewis urges the media to recognize the power of new technological innovations and their ability to benefit the information that we put out to the world.