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Lucy McRae Combines Biology, Technology and Fashion in Her Work

 - Apr 10, 2012
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Lucy McRae is an Amsterdam-based body architect whose exciting experimental designs are a combination of art, fashion, biology and technology. Trained in classical ballet with a background in architecture and fashion, Lucy McRae's work currently focuses on blurring the perimeter of the body, looking 20 years in the future.

McRae was introducted to Swedish pop star Robyn, who was also interested in exploring how technology coexists with raw human emotion. Robyn and McRae worked on a music video together in which Robyn wore the dynamic textile-like skin created with miles of plumbing tubing.

McRae's interest also lies in the ability to reprogram biology in the future, even away from aging and disease. In this interest, she created a swallow-able perfume pill that makes you sweat perfume.