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Daisy Ginsberg Explores the World of Synthetic Biology

 - Feb 22, 2012
References: daisyginsberg & youtu.be
Designer, artist and writer Daisy Ginsberg discusses the new link between biology and design, as scientists on the forefront of genetic engineering move past non-microbial manufacturing of biology in ways not yet existing naturally through evolution. Daisy Ginsberg offers a unique perspective on biology as a design discipline, incorporating new technology and creating things that are separated from what already exists due to its design.

Daisy Ginsberg is of the view that death and life are now the stuff of design, and that this culture is now creating a notable difference between culture and nature. According to Ginsberg, this refreshed ideology for genetic engineering of biology by design is the first step in designing evolution.

Using fascinating examples from her and her team's work, Ginsberg gives several specific examples of synthetic biology and its social, ethical and cultural implications.