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Jay Harmon Uses Nature's Spiral to Improve Industrial Design

 - Jan 9, 2012
References: jayharman & youtu.be
Engineer Jay Harmon discusses the predominant spiral shapes found in nature. For something to exist, it must be moving. Harmon explains how all of the movement in nature and the universe has a spiraling path. He names this configuration as nature's streamlining principle, proving that our world never moves in a straight line. Giving a multitude of examples including a tornado, hurricane and whirlpool, the engineer examines the repetitive geometry of this archetypal shape found in nature.

Jay Harmon encourages designers and engineers to use spiral shapes and forms in order to ultimately improve the functions of their creations. He believes that spirals allow engineers to reconfigure what they are doing by making more consciously designed spaces, machines and products. These functional shapes can be adapted to raise the efficiency and energy saving principals of industrial design.