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Dava Newman Discusses A More Effective Space Suit Design

 - Jan 1, 2012
References: web.mit.edu & youtu.be
MIT aeronautics professor and engineer Dava Newman discusses her aim to create groundbreaking innovations in space suit design. Newman discusses space suits' need to enable exploration. Her design team's use of robots as surrogate astronauts allows for researchers to improve and revolutionize space suit design.

Improving performance and design is possible by using new systems and by conducting extensive field studies. Neman relies on detailed infographics as well as video experimentation to further space-age concepts that have the future in mind.

Dava Newman discusses the history of space suit innovations and introduces her team's 'Bio-Suit' concept. The 'Bio-Suit' encourages and enables exploration, and protects astronauts from foreign atmospheres and germs. It works as a second skin and enhances mobility allowing for full flexion. This daring and dynamic design explores technology and innovation that aims to contribute to future developments.