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Krista Donaldson Discusses D-Rev's Affordable Medical Solutions

 - Jan 1, 2012
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In her keynote, Krista Donaldson discusses the third world's failed and broken medical technologies. Her organization D-Rev works to give underprivileged people a chance at healthcare for less than four dollars a day.

Donaldson tells the story of an Indian amputee and discusses his options of artificial limbs. Her organization focuses on creating custom-scaled artificial limbs that provide stability for a fraction of the price of other solutions.

These artificial knee replacements have been designed to scale, can be mass produced and cost $80. This organization has fit over 3000 amputees and is providing many other medical innovations. D-Rev's philosophy is to create products that are on par or better than the latest medical products available in developed countries. Their products aim to be market-driven and affordable for everyone. Donaldson hopes to shift the boundaries of medicine by paving the way for healthcare solutions that can be accessible for everyone.