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Sameer Kalwani Aims to Provide People in India with Safe Drinking Water

 - Dec 31, 2011
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Sameer Kalwani, the founder of Sarvajal, aims to provide the people of India with safe drinking water. People in India do not have access to clean water and their health is greatly compromised because of this problem. Kalwani states that 75% of all disease in India is the result of waterborne contaminants.

Sarvajal enlists local water entrepreneurs that sell clean drinking water while monitoring water quality. This innovative solution replaces India's complex water treatment plants that corrode, crack and get easily contaminated. Kalwani's filtration machine creation is paired with local entrepreneurs turned franchisees who engage with their community while providing them with clean drinking water.

Each machine is equipped with a microcomputer that records data, consumption and water quality. Sarvajal is improving its social impact over time with its highly effective and efficient business model that has grown immensely since it began three years ago.