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Charles Fishman Discusses Why Society Must Take a New Approach to Water

 - Dec 28, 2011
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Based on the award-winning book 'The Big Thirst,' Charles Fishman's speech sheds light on the world's relationship with water. Sharing the alarming crisis faced by Atlanta in 2008 when the city nearly depleted its water supply, Charles Fishman discusses the flawed politics that surround water all across the world. His speech provides a variety of important reasons as to why political leaders and society's members need to reevaluate the world's water supplies and the ways they interact with this essential natural resource.

Charles Fisman discusses the different ways businesses and companies all over the world will be impacted if the policies surrounding water remain unchanged. He offers examples of certain cities such as Los Angeles have innovated the ways it delivers water to its inhabitants. Chis Fishman's speech provides an insightful, thought-provoking and surprising discussion on the need to change the way society interacts with water.