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Dean Ornish Reveals How to Reverse Genetic Predispotions to Various Diseases

 - Dec 27, 2011
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Dean Ornish, one of today's leading experts in preventative medicine, explains how people can make impressive changes to the way their genes are expressed. During the three minute speech, Dean Ornish shares a variety of research and studies that demonstrate the relation between adopting a healthier lifestyle and reversing genetic predispositions. By eating healthier, effectively managing stress and being more physically and sexually active, an individual's brain can receive more oxygen and blood flow, enabling it to produce more brain cells. Dean Ornish's speech specifically hones in on how improving one's lifestyle can prevent heart disease, inhibit the development of prostate cancer and lengthen telomeres, the compound structure at the ends of chromosomes that controls aging. Dean Ornish's speech demonstrates the boundless opportunities in modern medicine.