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A.J. Jacobs Explains How Focusing on Health Can Be Bad for You

 - Jan 15, 2012
References: ajjacobs & youtube
In this interesting and humorous keynote, A.J. Jacobs explains how he tried to improve his mind, spirit and body by reading, taking up religion and following documented health advice. With a goal to try and become the healthiest person alive, he explains how living so healthy was overwhelming and nearly took his life.

He explains to truly be the healthiest he could be, he had to take on a huge amount of new responsibilities and talk with both health experts and doctors. Eat right, exercise, wear sunscreen and reply it, meditate and wash your hands frequently were only a few of the suggestions Jacobs received from an exhaustive list of recommendations, which also included absurd ones like wear a walking helmet. What A.J. Jacobs learned from this experience, and shares with his audience, is that being too healthy can actually be unhealthy and make you loose sight of what's important in life.