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Michael Gazzaniga Discusses the Separate Processes of the Mind

 - Mar 30, 2012
References: psych.ucsb.edu & youtube
Michael Gazzaniga harbored an extensive amount of experience in laboratory work and lecturing, allowing him an original insight on the construction of the brain and the complex processes. He discusses the concept of the brain as a story teller. His extensive research has explored how the brain enables the mind as a dynamic narrator, and sensical character.

The left brain aims to explain actions and moods after they have happened. Narrative acts to make the random actions of the human body coherent. When the left and right spheres of the brain are disconnected, physical actions and behvaiors seem random. When patients within experiments were asked why they reacted in such a way, the created tales to make coherent the behaviors coming from the different spheres. This narrative makes us feel unified.