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Michael Stone Discusses Morality and Evil in Youth

 - Mar 8, 2012
References: psychologytoday & youtube
Dr. Michael Stone is a professor of clinical psychiatry at Columbia University. Stone specializes in personality disorders. His experience led him to become the host of the Discovery Channel show, "Most Evil." The show allowed Stone to interview serial killers and murderers. Dr. Stone delves into the profound evilness which can be found in children.

Adolescents are naturally prone to impulsive behavior as the brain develops and grows. This allows for evil action, even when a child is good-natured and generally kind. This tendency can lead to what is known as 'callous-unemotional youth.' These youth are alien to compassion and cannot recognize the consequences of cruel action, often partaking in violence towards animals and harsh verbal exchanges. He discusses the difficulty of treating such children and attempting to install moral value within them.