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Penn Jillette Explores the Nature of True Respect

 - Mar 12, 2012
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Author and entertainer Penn Jillette discusses the true nature of respect and why tolerance is condescending. He likens the tolerance of modern religions to let others believe "whatever they want because it's in their hearts" as condescending.

Penn Jillette states his problem is not with religion as his difference of opinion stems from the issue of objective and subjective reality. A staunch believer in objective truth, Penn Jillette explores the hindrance of "walling yourself in" with the belief in an idea that cannot be proved and is based on "feelings in your heart." He argues that once one person uses this as an excuse, it gives license to any number of people to do the same, but to justify evil.

Penn Jillette relates the world he wants to live in as "a marketplace of ideas," where true respect is defined by the ability to say "you are wrong," where people are "busted" on everything they say because that is "the path to truth."