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Paul Zak Discusses the Complexities of Making the Right Decision

 - Feb 18, 2012
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Curious about the complexity of morality, Paul Zak began working as a neuroeconomist. After working with brain imaging, he found that oxytocin is vital in the role of morality. He views human psychology as a sort of trackable economy, defining patterns and frequent reactions. His interesting look into the market of human behavior is engaging and informative. The complexities of making the right decision go beyond simple morals and values.

The chemical correspondence behind moral decision-making is intriguing. After researching the concept of a morality molecule, Zak discovered that oxytocin acts as a responder to moral decisions. He applies his data of oxytocin to trustworthiness. He argues that a population with more trustworthy individuals will be more prosperous, as more transactions would occur.