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Courtney Martin Offers a Fresh Perspective on Women in Today's Society

 - Dec 25, 2011
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In Courtney Martin's 'Reinventing Feminism' speech, she discusses feminism and the role it plays in her life today as an activist, author and young leader in America. 'Reinventing Feminism' explores Martin's childhood, her parents' influential morals and her feminist upbringing. While Martin is a feminist herself, she presents various ways in which her own brand of feminism differs from the traditional definition. She believes in intersectionality as opposed to patriarchy, and embraces aesthetics as an important aspect of a woman's life. She encourages a culture in which failure is accepted, as today's generation is faced with so many overwhelming challenges from wealth disparity to environmental issues and the trafficking of women. 'Reinventing Feminism' is an inspiring reminder to love, accept and avoid judging one another when growing up in today's society.