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Quyen Nguyen Introduces a New Technology That Pinpoints Cancer

 - Jan 5, 2012
References: ted & youtu.be
During this speech, Dr. Quyen Nguyen explains how she's making surgery more efficient and simple for surgeons all over the world. Before introducing the revolutionary breakthroughs she and her research team have made, Quyen Nguyen discusses the importance of teamwork in the world of medical advancements. She strongly opposes the belief that one medical breakthrough will solve all the world's health problems overnight, and that significant advancements are the result of small discoveries and developments.

Quyen Nguyen then demonstrates how her research team has created a technology that enables doctors and surgeons to effectively remove cancerous tumors properly in only one procedure. Her team has created a three-part molecule that makes tumors, tissues and nerves appear neon green during a surgical procedure. As Quyen Nguyen explains, this technology makes it incredibly more easy for surgeons to identify what needs to be removed during a procedure, leading to higher recovery rates and fewer chances of complications.