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Richard Branson Discusses Revolutionizing Clean Corporate Practices

 - Mar 21, 2012
References: virgin & youtube
When he was only 20 years old, Richard Branson founded Virgin as a mail order record retailer. The record label signed on the Sex Pistols and the Rolling Stones, propelling the company into international recognition. While hugely successful, Branson is a humble and humanitarian businessman. He approaches business as an adventure and opportunity to brighten the global market. His endearing perspective is positive and charged with positive energy.

Branson is highly involved with the green movement and raising awareness for eco efforts. There are severale dire environmental changes which must be made to maintain the earth’s resources and condition. He argues that the efforts for green living must go beyond travelling and littering. He challenges businesses to revolutionize their conduct to make a positive and lasting impression. Every process and project within a company should be taken on as a green effort, and viewed as an opportunity to give back and create a better world.