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Don Norman Discusses Three Ways That Good Design Makes Us Happy

 - Jan 13, 2012
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Author and design critic Don Norman discusses the three ways that good design makes you happy. Norman studies individuals' reactions to varying designs and breaks boundaries between what a designer wants versus what a non-designer looks for. He aims to understand beauty, exploring individuals' obsession with aesthetics and beauty.

The modern world puts an immense focus on graphic design, subtle beauty and cleverly designed products. Cars are no longer just tough, but fun to drive and products are no longer just functional, they're luxurious too. Norman states that pleasant things work better. He focuses on beauty, fun, pleasure and emotion within designs, exploring the effects of visceral, behavioral and reflective factors within design.

While visceral design experiences focus on color and form, behavioural design is all about being in control and experiencing the product. Moreover, reflective experiences focus on people's image and is a reflection of their personality.