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Stefan Sagmeister Shows What He Has Learned Using Design as a Visual Tool

 - Jan 5, 2012
References: sagmeister & youtube
In this keynote, designer Stefan Sagmeister uses slides and videos of his artworks to give a highly visual presentation of life lessons he has learned over the years. He shows how inflatable monkeys placed in every city in Scotland reveal how everyone thinks they are right, and how 65,000 coat hangers can inform you on why people shouldn’t worry about life’s problems.

Interactive graphic designs, such as a projected digital spider web that moves and is destroyed as you pass by it or a billboard with an image that fades in the sun, serve as stunning examples of work that Stefan shares in his innovative keynote. During this talk Stefan Sagmeister not only selects and showcases some of his most famous pieces for the attendees of this event, but also shares the process and intentions behind the execution of his works.