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Robert Hammond Reveals How He's Making Over the New York Skyline

 - Jan 2, 2012
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Robert Hammond's speech focuses on his experience and efforts as the co-founder of Friends of the High Line in New York City. When he discovered that this historic site was going to be destroyed, Robert Hammond teamed up with members of his community to transform this abandoned structure into an elevated park in the heart of the city.

This abandoned railway in Manhattan stretches over one and a half miles long, and as described by Hammond, boasts beautiful wild growth of plants, flowers and trees. Inspired by the railway's natural greenery, Robert Hammond facilitated a design competition for the three sections of the park. The first section is already complete and features an amphitheater and plans to host a variety of new museums. With the construction of the two other parts underway, Robert Hammond is very proud of the new use of the High Line, as he believes it is a public space that helps people explore their city and interact with each other.