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Christopher C. Deam Discusses His Redesign for The Airstream Travel Trailer

 - Jan 9, 2012
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Designer Christopher C. Deam presents his revived design of an American classic, the Airstream travel trailer. The designer, known for his modern concepts and use of sleek and clean lines, presents an image-filled keynote that documents his redesign of the trailers outdated interior. Deam discusses a number of struggles that he encountered when starting this project, pointing out the original design's disconnect between the trailer's lightweight, modern shell and its drab and cabin-like interior. Despite of the trailers lack of modernity and aesthetic consistency, Diem's final solution exposes the beauty of the trailer's aluminum materiality, pairing it with modern laminate material that achieves an air of motion and mobility. A series of second skins contributes to the design and merges the trailer's outer shell with its interior.