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Marco Tempest Uses Today's Latest Technology in this Illusionary Presentation

 - Jan 2, 2012
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Marco Tempest is one of the world's leading magicians and illusionists who uses technology to perform his imaginative routines. During this engaging speech, Marco Tempest uses three iPods to create a stimulating and captivating visual presentation that explains deception in art, music and life.

Using the three devices to synchronize a video stream, he shares a fascinating history of magicians and the art of deception. Quoting famous artists, authors and illusionists, Marco Tempest describes deception as one of life's everyday occurrences. Using the iPods to create three-dimensional shapes such as dancing butterflies and budding roses, he explains how humans have come to depend on deception as means of repressing negative thoughts and painful memories. Marco Tempest's interactive presentation demonstrates the everlasting excitement and curiosity surrounding magic and illusion.