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Fredrik Eklund's Brand Credibility Talk Explains Successful Business

 - Jun 25, 2015
References: bigthink & youtube
Real estate tycoon and television celebrity Fredrik Eklund shares invaluable sales advice applicable to a variety of industries in his latest brand credibility talk. In the speech, Eklund discusses how ultimately success is tied to being your most authentic self and brand.

Not only is success a series of numbers and accomplishments, it's a state of mind. According to Eklund, success is grounded in a much more personal level, including how you present yourself to the world around you. Rather than conforming to social standards, muting down you personality and taking a step back from who you are, Eklund recommends embracing your quirks, bright personality and what makes you unique to create an authentic self-brand. When Eklund stopped trying to copy other real estate agent's successes, put his walls down and let his authentic personality shine through in his work he noticed an improvement in his personal success. "The more I’m me, the more I put my guard down," says Eklund, "the more successful I’ve become."