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Valerie Buckingham's Authenticity Keynote Reviews Developing Relationships

 - Jun 30, 2012
Nokia’s Director of Brand Activation Valerie Buckingham discusses how to become a relatable brand in this authenticity keynote. Buckingham demonstrates how easy it is for marketers to use something as simple as a stock photograph that can set up brands to be inauthentic due to the sophistication of people in a social media era.

Buckingham shows the importance of creating authentic relationships with consumers. For example, brands such as Whole Goods having regional Twitter feeds instead of just a generic corporate twitter account shows how true relationships can be made. This specificity builds trust and shows that behind every big company and brand are people. Making meaningful connections with consumers builds a brand's authenticity, and sets up a system where companies and consumers can have real interactions.

By listening to consumers, Buckingham shows how to enhance a brand's authenticity by knowing what people need.