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Pete Cashmore's Social Media Trends Keynote is Insightful

 - Jun 21, 2012
References: youtube
Pete Cashmore's social media trends keynote describes the current landscape and what he sees as the biggest and most predominant trends that are emerging for the future of the medium.

As the CEO for the digital media and technology website Mashable, Cashmore is constantly exposed to burgeoning trends. He tells the audience that the biggest and most popular overall theme in technology and social media advancement is the 'touch' function that has been expanding from cell phones and tablets outward to other devices. While it has already become popular in the use of social devices it will only continue to grow in popularity and will become used in many other devices in the future.

Another development mentioned in Cashmore's social media trends keynote is the improvement and proliferation of flexible displays which will help users maintain the tactile feel of traditional media while experiencing the interconnectedness of digital media.