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Darren Williger's Social Media Keynote Speech Shows How Brands Win

 - Jun 10, 2012
References: socialmediaofthefuture & youtu.be
This social media keynote speech from Darren Williger introduces his acronym and concept 'H.E.L.P.' Williger believes that social media can "help" businesses and brands in four different ways. Social media can humanize a brand, help a brand engage with its consumers, enable a brand to actually listen to customers and last, but certainly not least, it can promote a brand in remarkable ways.

Dilliger provides his audience with a brief history of social media, explaining how humans, since the beginning of time, have always wanted to connect with one another and be social. Businesses that are able to recognize the value and advantages of social media today -- in both a personal and professional sense -- will be able to adapt. The businesses that use social media to plan for beyond the present will not only adapt, but they will also become industry leaders.