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Thomas Power Talks of Change in his Future of Social Networks Keynote

 - Jun 20, 2012
References: ecademy & youtube
In his future of social networks keynote Thomas Power talks about the need to adopt a digital mindset in the coming years. People are becoming more and more obsessive about data sharing; however, there is a distinction within this data sharing between connectedness and connected.

In order to become connected, it is important for one to notice something and share it through social media. When people begin to notice and share what you are sharing, then you undergo a shift from connected to connectedness. Thomas Power describes this shift as going from closed, selective and control to open, random and supportive.

As society continues to be enveloped by the digital age, it is necessary to abandon institutional thinking in favor of networking thinking. To filter out the necessary from the clutter, an open, random and supportive approach must be embraced.