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Christian Hernandez Gallardo's Web Business Development Keynote

 - May 26, 2012
References: facebook & youtube
In this fascinating web business development keynote from Christian Hernandez Gallardo, the Head of International Business Development at Facebook, the speaker explains how the brand is engaging with its passionate fans.

He begins his speech by describing some key aspects of the social media giant's evolution. What began as a network on which real people could connect with other real people, has now evolved into a network on which real people can connect with other based on interests, brand preferences and particular passions. Facebook now enables fans to connect with people, brands and celebrities. It is no longer simply a destination of identity, but a travelling identity which can be used to reflect a wide range of things about a person.

Gallardo is working to transform the way Facebook's 500 million users experience the web, aiming to make it a rich, three-dimensional social experience.