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Baratunde Thurston's Social Media Language Keynote Dissects Twitter

 - Jun 27, 2012
References: baratunde & youtube
Baratunde Thurston gives an engaging and entertaining presentation about the important role that the hashtags used on Twitter play in social interaction in this social media language keynote address.

The speaker compares hashtags to grassroots movements in that they quickly assemble and deconstruct, they are malleable and they do not use traditional means to come to fruition.

He explains the power that a hashtag holds and how a trending hashtag can quickly elicit a widespread response on the Internet community.

Using the swine flu hashtag as an example, the speaker provides key tips on how to increase the traction one gets from their tweets in this social media language keynote. Thurston explains that one's hashtag use essentially brands their profile and keeping their messages short, provocative and positive is the best way to get one's message across.