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Malcolm McLaren Shares the Importance of Authenticity & Education

 - Feb 7, 2012
References: artsbeat.blogs.nytimes & youtube
In this speech from the manager of the iconic Sex Pistols, Malcolm McLaren discusses the importance of authenticity and education. He argues that popular culture is akin to education. The problem with modern pop culture is the way in which it glorifies stupidity. In this culture of desires, he argues that the final goal of many young people is to become famous over night. This creates the karaoke culture, riddled with false promises of instant success and immediate wealth.

Today youth are unencumbered by the messy process of creativity, free from any real responsibility beyond a moment of performance. McLaren insists that messiness and failure are the key to true learning, as these two experience enable children and youth to witness firsthand what it is like to fail and to succeed.