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Shirin Neshat Stresses The Importance of Having One's Voice Heard

 - Feb 3, 2012
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Iranian-born artist and photographer Shirin Neshat explores the idea of being an artist in exile, examining how to make one's voice heard when political, religious and cultural circumstances stand in the way of one's personal expression.

The artist examines the cultural identities of Muslim women around the globe, tracing political and social events related to the images and perceptions of them. On the dark side, the artist describes how politics define the lives of Iranians who face censorship, torture, and even execution if living in their nation.

When outside, one is faced with exile and separation from their home and loved ones. Neshat sees herself as a speaker of her people despite losing access to her own country. She describes the two battles fought by Iranians every day, one being their fight for respect and urge to break Western stereotypes and the second to speak out against their violent government. Shirin Neshat views art as her weapon and culture as her form of resistance.