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Yves Morieux Discusses Management in His Employee Motivation Speech

 - Jan 29, 2014
References: yvesmorieux.blogspot & youtube
Yves Morieux's employee motivation speech deals with the question of why employees are getting disengaged and lack motivation in the workplace. Morieux comments on the increasing technological advances that should encourage and facilitate work but instead, go the opposite direction.

Morieux tells the audience of the two central pillars of management -- hard and soft; where hard is the structure of an organization and soft is the interpersonal relationship between coworkers. Morieux informs the audience that these two methods have become obsolete due to the ever-changing structures of business.

When colleagues aren't motivated and don't cooperate, more resources are used, more time is wasted, and more equipment and more working capital will be used. Therefore, when work isn't completed, the employees are the ones who are left to compensate their time and efforts by using their own individual efforts and energy for the lack of cooperation, which leads to stress and disengagement.

Therefore, Morieux has created six approaches to deal with these complexities, the first being to understand your employee and their role.