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Ian Fuhr's Speech on Servant Leadership is a New Way of Working Well

 - Feb 28, 2016
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In his speech on servant leadership, Ian Fuhr states the purpose of work is to serve the wants and needs of people, not to make money. The serial entrepreneur believes there is no such thing as a chosen or superior people and declares "we are all just different and the sooner we learn to respect and tolerate our differences, the better off our world will be."

The speech on servant leadership explains bosses cannot ignore the socio-political environment their employees live in. The speaker shares a model where leaders serve staff, who serve customers. This moves away from the idea that customers are the most important people in business and instead prioritizes the employee. He discusses how servant leaders do not motivate but inspire, by creating working environments where people motivate themselves. Instead of being about money or power, success should be about making a difference in other peoples lives.